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Forest floor.

The Wildlife

In the forest floor, there are many different species of animals such as:



Army ants

Dung beetles

Giant millipedes




The vast majority of these plants and trees get their nutrients which come from decaying plants and soil that are found in the Amazon rainforest

Decomposers and history

On the rainforest floor, many trees and plants grow high up into the sky. In this layer, it is very hot a humid. Since a lot of these don’t get a lot of rain and sunlight, they unfortunately begin to die and decay (rot). Termites, giant worms, millipedes and beetles eat and feed on the dead and rotten plants. These are known as decomposers. In addition to this, the rainforest floor was likely to have been formed during the Eocene era during the global reduction of tropical temperatures. However, the rainforest is slowly being eaten away because of human's activity and need for paper, farms, food sources and ores. The Amazon rainforest used to be sparsely populated and it was impossible for it to sustain a large population through agriculture given the poor soil. The rainforest has lasted for around 55 million years, a little less than the dinosaur’s death. Back when the Western world brought ships to the Amazon, rats were on there and gave the indigenous people who lived there diseases. Furthermore, American natives had further diseases from the soldiers and sailors from ships that had journeyed there.