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The Ultimate Understory

In the Understory, there is a wide variety of animals including

Fruit Bats,


Boa Constrictors,

Spider Monkey,

Blue-tailed Laguna

Poison Dart Frogs

As well as many birds, bats and other animals that fly. Many animals are toxic.

The Understory is hot and humid. It has gargantuan leaves. The oldest tree has roots that grow up to 4 ½ metres tall. They are called buttress roots. The tree itself can grow up to approximately 6 ½ metres tall. This area gets 1/10 of the sunlight here. It is home to 90% of the animals in the forest. It has many sapling trees in it as well as shrubs with 2 meters long leaves. These are used to absorb as much sunlight as possible as not a lot reaches this layer.

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